Why Emlife | EMLIFE

Quality of life and happiness

The EMLIFE project has its beginnings in 2009 and is related to quality of life, comfort, a sense of well-being and pleasant moments; In short, everything that makes us feel good and creates an environment that favors the feeling of happiness. For this reason, our motto is "EMLife good life".

EMlife Technology

The EMLIFE base is EM technology, the effective microorganisms (from English Effective Microorganisms), which refer to any of the predominantly anaerobic organisms mixed in commercial agricultural, livestock, industrial amendments, medicines and nutritional supplements. These mixtures include the metabolic synergy. This EM technology was developed by Teruo Higa, professor of horticulture at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. Studying the individual functions of different microorganisms (photosynthetic or phototropic bacteria, lactic bacteria and yeast) Higa found that the success of its enhancing effect was in its mixture; This is why it is said that effective microorganisms work in synergy, since the sum of the three has a greater effect than each one separately.

Your own health and that of the planet

We focus on the scientific knowledge that has been developed worldwide in the last 30 years in relation to microorganisms and their studies in more than 80 countries, to certify and guarantee that having a balanced microbiota or intestinal flora directly impacts our health, as well as having a toxic-free environment. Bioremediation is the direct way to achieve good health, the purpose of the EMLife organization.